Jan 31, 2016

Singapore Corporate Bonds on SGX 2016

Sg Bond Rates: Singapore Corporate Bonds on SGX 2016

The trading board lot sizes for retail bonds Singapore Corporate Bonds on SGX 2016 are typically 1,000 units per lot to represent $1,000 in face value of the bonds.

Singapore Corporate Bonds on SGX 2016:

Singapore Corporate Bonds on SGX 2016 Details:

No. Security Name  Stock Code ISIN Code Issuer Coupon Rate (%) Maturity / Callable Date Board Lot Size Trading Currency Coupon Frequency CPFIS eligible?

1 AspialTrea 5.25%b200828 BEYZ SG31A4000007 Aspial Treasury Pte Ltd 5.25 28-Aug-20 1,000 SGD Semi-annual No

2 Genting SP5.125%Perp P9GZ SG3257980320 Genting Singapore PLC 5.125 18-Oct-17 1,000 SGD Semi-annual No

3 FCLTrea 3.65%b220522 AXXZ SG31A3000008 FCL Treasury Pte Ltd 3.65 22-May-22 1,000 SGD Semi-annual No

4 CapMallTrb3.08%210220 TY6Z SG3267000002 CapitaMall Trust Management Limited 3.08 20-Feb-21 1,000 SGD Semi-annual No

5 CapMallA3.8%b220112 PW3Z SG3256978176 CapitaMalls Asia Treasury Limited 3.8 12-Jan-22 1,000 SGD Semi-annual No

6 LTA n4.17%160510 10k L07Z SG3201892316 Land Transport Authority 4.17 10-May-16 10,000 SGD Semi-annual Yes

7 TigerAir 2%PerpC S3TB SG9QF6991602 Tiger Airways Holdings Limited 2 22-Apr-20 1,000 SGD Semi-annual No

8 Perennial n4.65%181023 BIOZ SG31A5000006 Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited 4.65 23-Oct-18 1,000 SGD Semi-annual No

9 Oxley MTN 5%b191105 BJFZ SG31A6000005 Oxley MTN Pte Ltd 5 5-Nov-19 1,000 SGD

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