Dec 4, 2010

DBS 4.7% NCPS100

Sg Rates: DBS 4.7% NCPS100

We look at a preference share pay out rate today. It is the DBS 4.7% NCPS100 preference share that is listed in Singapore on its stock exchange.

This DBS 4.7% NCPS100 was launched recently.

DBS 4.7% NCPS100 is currently traded on the stock exchange of Singapore.

This preference stock DBS 4.7% NCPS100 trades in multiples of 100.

The payout for the DBS 4.7% NCPS100 can go up to 4.7%. Note that the rate of 4.7% per annum is not guranteed.

What is the latest trading price of DBS 4.7% NCPS100?

DBS 4.7% NCPS100 traded at bid price of 102.800 and ask price of 102.820 on 3 December 2010.

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