May 16, 2011

2-Year SGS Bonds Prices

2-Year SGS Bonds Prices

We update you on 2-Year SGS Bonds Prices this May 2011.

The 2-Year SGS Bonds Prices are obtained from MAS of Singapore.

The 2-Year SGS Bonds Prices are listed below.

Bear in mind that 2-Year SGS Bonds Prices can change at any time.

2-Year SGS Bonds Prices:

Issue Code N508100V
Coupon Rate 1.63%
Maturity Date 1-Apr-13
Transacted Date | Yield / Price

6-May-11= 0.46/ 102.2
9-May-11= 0.46/ 102.2
10-May-11= 0.45/ 102.22
11-May-11= 0.44/ 102.22
12-May-11= 0.44/ 102.22
13-May-11= 0.45/ 102.2

* 2-Year SGS Bonds Data reflects bid rates quoted by SGS Primary Dealers to each other based on standard market lot transactions as specified in the Rules and Market Practices of the SGS Market. Prices quoted to non-Primary Dealers may be different, subject to factors such as transaction size and administrative costs.

* 2-Year SGS Bonds Yield is quoted as % p.a.

* 2-Year SGS Bonds Price is quoted in S$ per S$100 of principal amount.

2-Year SGS Bonds prices are provided for personal use only. The usual disclaimer apply for this finance-related Sg Bond Rates site.


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